Sharing my bets with you

I have been clear with you since I started over my website : I will not be able to share with you all the bets that I take.

I wrote this article to make you understand in which cases I will and why sometimes it is not possible for me to offer them to you.

As I explained you in the past, my website is mainly intended to help me focus on my own betting. I see it like the perfect platform I can use to analyse in details my performance each month and understand how I can do better in the future to achieve my ambitious objectives.

It is a totally different approach from what you may have found on my website years ago ! At that time, I had a lot of time to dedicate to betting and it was way more easy for me to manage my own betting while helping the other winning money.

I am still very touched by the messages I received from you during that period. Today I still want to keep making you succeed by providing you with advices sharing my own experience (my methodology but also my difficulties and how I deal with them) and also sharing winning bets !

Bets I can share with you

My way of betting is mainly guided by my betting model that includes many criteria that must be fulfilled for me to place a bet.

When all the information of a game are available in pre-game and match the criteria of my model, it results in a Medium or High stake bet.

Since it deals with a pre-game analysis I often have enough time to share these bets with you. I release them only one hour before the game starts, once the line-up are available.

All the bets I offer are available for free on my Telegram channel :

There may be a few matches for which the pre-game market is pretty limited and I have to wait the in-play to place my Medium/High stake. In this case, I share them with you right after on Telegram.

The current period with coronavirus makes it very difficult to find that kind of bets since only small leagues with limited information are available. It does not mean I have stoped betting during that time but I adopt another methodology that makes it more difficult for me to share my bets with other people (see section below).

Bets I cannot share (easily)

There are also a different kind of games I am used to bet. These are the bets for which I do not have access to all the information in pre-game which makes me not able to apply my betting model in an accurate way.

It happens often when betting on small leagues or friendly games for example.

For this type of games, I gather the maximum of information I can find over the internet to evaluate if there is a good margin between the score I expect and the one from the bookmaker.

If the interest for a bet is confirmed, I start with a small stake pre-game and I may increase that stake to medium/high depending on what happens in-play (I already told you about this but I will go more in details later through a different article).

I will not share this kind of game with you for several reasons :

  1. This way of betting requires to be 100% focus on the in-play to manage my own betting (when to bet, how much to bet, when and how I should increase my stake…). I do not have any free time to be able to share every decision I take during the game.
  2. Betting is an activity that requires a lot of time to analyze many matches everyday. Despite it being a passion I do want to limit the time I spend on it to take advantage of family and friends. The cumulated time I would spend sharing every small stake bet that I take would be too much for me and would have a low value for you.
  3. When it comes to share my bets with other people, even perfect strangers from the other side of the world, I get too much involved and it brings me more pressure which can affect my betting decisions. That is another reason why I prefer to limit the number of bets I offer to the one I have the most confidence in (which means the pre-game bets that are Medium or High stake bets). I know many people do not care and just want me to send every bet. But… I DO CARE :)

I think that despite the fact I wont be able to share all my bets with you there is still a big interest for you since I plan to share the best bets I find pre-game (medium / high stake).

I hope I will be able to continue the good run of medium/high stake bets I shared on Telegram until now to keep continuing winning and having fun together ✌️

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