New website – Content available

This website will present my personal betting activity all over the year. I felt inspired by the amazing work achieved by Steve from Daily25 and the transparency he has with his results, and I would like to reproduce it here.

I will be sharing my personal adventure which starts February 2020 and that consists in reaching 200 000 € from a 5 k€ bankroll after 5 years.

This platform will highlight every step of my adventure, from the moment I define my bankroll until the analysis of my results (each month/year) while sharing some of my bets with you too.

I will publish a dedicated post about my long term objectives later on !

I will be posting a review of my results (bankroll evolution) every month, commenting what went good or wrong and comparing them to the objectives I have set myself.

I will write about my bad periods when I will lose money, how I feel about it and how I handle them. I will also comment the good periods, what made me reach that profit and which important information I shall keep to make it useful the next years.

After special event (big loss or big win) I will publish a specific analysis giving details of all the process (pre-match analysis, in-play analysis, betting…).

This adventure is starting in February 2020 since January was dedicated to set up this website !

I will also be sharing with you the bets I take so we can with money together while having fun waching games !

I won’t be able to share all of them because I will not have enough time for that – betting takes a lot of my time in addition to my full time job and I don’t want it to have an impact on my personal life.

I want first to be 100% focus on my own objectives to be able to share with confidence more bets with you !

Knowing that I will be able to share only a few, the big challenge for me will be to provide you with the most possible winning bets !

There will be game analyses covering different types of leagues (Liga Sagres, Eredivisie, Meistriliiga, A Lyga, friendly games, …).

And hopefully we will be able to beat the bookmakers and make significant profit together this year and in the future !

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