New website – Reasons why I launch it

The first reason of why I started over this website is because I was just missing it a lot !

The last few years I have used Twitter as a way of sharing with you about betting but this platform was clearly not adapted. In fact it was only allowing me to share short and fast information like bets without any explanation and overview of the results. It was actually pointless to you and to me !

But I wanted so much to restart being involved in the betting community that I kept trying doing it and every time I have quitted after a few months since there was nothing to be drawn from it: no benefit for anyone, no perspective for anyone.

Today I want to share more and feel more involved in the betting universe, sharing analyses, information about games, analyzing my losses, how I deal with them, talking about my winnings, about what made me select those bets, and get feedback from people that want to share their experience or need advices.

The second reason for starting over my website is that I needed a platform that allows me keeping track of my bets and my bank growing in a very serious way. I know it is a key point I need to work on to take an important step towards my objective.

I also want to start again sharing some of my bets with you, being able to follow games together, have fun and help you succeed in betting !

This represents a lot of content therefore a website is the perfect platform to gather all these information !

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