New website – Global objective

Everyone who has a strong passion expects to make a living out of it ! It is an amazing achievement that somebody can make in their life.

You spend your time working on topics that you love, you create your own projects, you are independent from anyone, and you manage your work as you think best.

But to reach that goal people do a lot of sacrifices, they often work harder than the others without really knowing if it will pay in the end.

Betting on soccer events is the opportunity in my life to achieve that goal !

What makes it even more dreamy is that betting on sports events is an activity that can be done from anywhere and at any time in the world.

This is my objective !

We are millions chasing this dream, but the reality is that only a small part wins money in the long term and even less people actually makes a living out of it. It requires so many skills, a huge discipline, and strong mental abilities to handle bad periods.

Even if my experience proved me that it is possible to reach high profits in a short amount of time, making a living out of betting is a goal with which it is essential to go step by step.

Not following very strict rules made me encounter many difficulties reaching a significant profit. I also had much less time to dedicate to this activity and it did not result in me betting less often but instead in me not sticking to my staking management and/or following my model to select bets.

I still had good results but they were not consistent over the year and they fluctuated way too much. It still allowed me to make enough profit to travel in incredible places but it was not the goal I always wanted to reach. I was expecting far better.

Today I want to pass to the next level. I want to achieve something significant in the betting industry, winning money all over the year by following my own strict strategy.

This is one of the reasons why I decided to start my website from scratch and decided not to show anymore the good results I got so long ago. This previous period does not count anymore.

I want to show that it is possible to start from a reasonable bankroll and make it grow a lot by following a set of rules and betting on games I am the only one to select to reach my ambitious objectives.

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