New website – About me

Hello !

My name is Fabien. I just turned 31 and I have created this website yeeeaaaarrrsss ago in order to share my bets with people to be able to beat the bookmakers together.

This experience was incredible. I was sharing many soccer analyses that were the results of a hard work and I reached a high profit while making people win money with me and allowing them to buy things they would not have bought without this. I got amazing feedbacks from so many people. It left a positive mark in my life. 

Betting is a true passion and it is not only about making money. I have been playing soccer all my life and I pass a lot of my free time watching it or going to the stadium.

I love the work it represents to spend time analyzing each game deeply, looking for a special information that the market (bookmakers and tipsters) would have missed to get value from the odds that are offered.

I also love to spend hours looking for a way to improve my selection of bets. By analyzing my losses I got an understanding of what went wrong and for which reason.

I bet exclusively on asian market using a betting agent which allows me to have access to Pin88, Sbobet, Ibcbet, … and place large stakes on any kind of games.

Finally I love sharing my work around me in the hope it may help people to enjoy even more soccer, succeed in betting or only stop losing money.

This website is intended to share my thoughts about betting and my experience within this very special world.

It also deals with my everyday life as a tipster and also displays a follow-up of my bets and the evolution of my bankroll all over the year.