Part 2: Sharing my picks

Posted by Fabien On April - 9 - 2016

Sharing my own picks with you has always been something I enjoyed a lot. The results in the long run have been incredible (see this section) and I receive tons of positive feedbacks from you (see “Members opinion” section) which pushed me to keep working hard on the blog spending much time on it in addition to my own betting and my full time job.

You can take a look at the analyses I shared on my website here. In the past the main bookmaker I used was Bet365 because of the number of leagues they cover. But there are more and more restrictions in some countries which prevent punters from betting on European bookmakers with very nice offer like Bet365 or William Hill. That led many tipsters to place bets with accounts from others (often buying accounts from other people living abroad) in order to keep possibility to place money on these websites. I don’t like this way of proceeding that’s why I concentrate on Asian market (Ibcbet, Pinnacle, Sbobet, …) which is available to anybody (but many people think that they can not win money in the long run because the offer is smaller).

Anyway, the bets I share are available on both European and Asian markets so it will be not problem for you to follow my picks.

Note that after I post a bet on the website, the odds can be much affected that’s why I propose a minimum odds (below this odds, a bet is not recommended – you shall wait live betting to get the minimum odds).

Why am I not sharing every bet I take

As I said above, each bet I share with you has a significant impact on the market and it can lead the odds to crash heavy before game starts. Even in play it can takes a long period of time before value comes back.

Sharing all my bets with you will lead to kill market on games / teams / championships I am used to bet on which is bad for you and me in the long run.

Then don’t be surprise to get only one or two bets a month. I will try to share the best of my own betting in order for you to keep winnings by following my tips ;)

Why I will not run a paid service

The picks I will share in this section will be free for any visitor of the website. I decided not to run a paid service for 3 reasons.

The first one is that I do not need this money. I already have my full-time job salary and my own betting winnings.

Second reason is that it requires a lot of time to manage the service (payment, newsletter, …) and a lot of availability I don’t have at the moment.

2 ways of sharing picks

There will be 2 ways of getting my tips:

First way is my website. Picks that will be shared here will be provided with deep analysis and I will explain the main reasons. It will be pre-game bets (available about 10 minutes before kick-off to get the last info the game like line-ups and weather). I will share on twitter when an analysis is available on the website.

The second way will be twitter. I may post some picks on twitter without analysis ; it will be live betting only.

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