Review of the service in 2014

Posted by Fabien On December - 31 - 2014

2014 has been the first time that the service ran during a complete year.

In 2009, it has been available for 7 months, in 2010 only 2 months, in 2011 9 months, 2012 and 2013 3 months and finally 2014: 12 months! Between 2009 and end of 2013, results have always been great: only 2 months with losses over 25 months and 3 050 U won!

This year I really wanted to offer bets during 12 months to be able to check the overall performance and compare to previous years.
For example, I was offering about 30 bets each month in 2009, while in 2014 I have offered 14 bets monthly. The reason I see for that is that I stopped to bet on very low market that Bet365 offers since they are used to limit players very quickly. In 2014, I focused on bigger market (at least in play) and I wanted that most of my bets were available on asian market (Sbobet, IBCbet, Pinnacle, …).

Considering that, I am more than happy with the results in 2014 during which we get 504 U of profit (stake: 10U per bet). Strike rate is an important figure for me since I want that when a member misses a bet he can be confident that the next one will be a win. With 69% I am satisfied even if my target was above 70%.

Yield of 29% and ROC of 252% are very good and I hope I could increase both figures in 2015. In fact, I get 10 over 12 months in profit. Best month has been July with 172 U of profit, strike rate 86% (25 wins over 29 bets) and yield 60%. May was also excellent with 96 U of profit, strike rate 73% (16 wins over 22 bets) and yield 43%.
February (-17U) and October (-29U) are the months with a negative balance. I am particularly disappointed by October during which I offered only a few games (9 bets) but with very good information. Unfortunately I lost 2 games and the other were pushed. I did not get more luck in November and December: profit was there but too low to be satisfied of it. First satisfaction is to end the month with a positive balance, but still, I get very good information on each game and I was expecting nice winnings from these games. But that is how betting works, even when you have the best information on a game, it does not turn always in your favor :)

In 2015, my first goal remains the same: to end each month with a positive balance :) I have no objective regarding a minimum profit to reach each month: this will depend on the offer only and I do not want to force myself to bet since this is the best way to lose!
I have decided to limit the access as member of the service to people who want to share information about betting with me: if you think you may have access to good information on a specific league, or on betting generally, do not hesitate to send me an email ( That is true that I have not answered any email since a few weeks/months but now I have more time to manage this ;)
Plus, when it will be possible during the year, I will share some free bets with you on my website or facebook/twitter.

Let me end this post by wishing you all the best for 2015 in your personal life and in your betting :)

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