Overview of the service in May 2014

Posted by Fabien On June - 16 - 2014

Hi all :)

This article is intended to present the statistics of my service in May.

May has been a great month during which we get significant profit !

We bet on 14 different games and we placed 22 bets.

Remember that I can offer several bets on the same game. I can offer two times the same bet or two bets on a team asian handicap but with different spreads.

And for each bet the stake is the same (fixed stake) and corresponds to the maximum confidence (i.e. 10/10). In fact, I do only offer bet on which I plan a good margin between the score I expect and the score the bookmaker expects.

All the bets are sent with the following information :

  • Schedule of the game,
  • Sport – Competition,
  • Game,
  • Bets members have to place (with minimum odds) and on which bookmaker.

I do my best to warn the members about the schedule of the game one day or several hours before it starts in order for them to be able to manage better the time they are available for betting.

Plus, with 16 wins on 22 bets we get a strike rate of 73%. This figure is important to me since it is important for members to be confident with the service offered and if they missed a game or were not able to register during one month, I want to guarantee that each time they follow me they will get profit.

As I explained you already, the stake on each bet I offer is 10 Units wich corresponds to a confidence of 10/10 (max confidence).

22 bets were placed and we staked 220 U and won 315,7 U. Then we reached in May a profit of +95,7 Units. The Yield is about 43%.

It means that if you bet 10 euros per Unit (i.e. 100 euros on each bet), you would have get a profit around 1 000 euros in May.

These figures are better than the other months in 2014 and it will be difficult to beat this record ! But after having analyzed the losses of May, I understood some mistakes that could have been avoided. So I am sure to be able to continue bringing important profit to you with sports betting in 2014 !

But I want to warn you a bit after reading this ! Because loosing runs can happen and you have to be able to handle it by having a good bankroll management. Don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any question about this !

Plus, you always have to remember that sports betting is not easy to handle and getting profit from it is always a difficult task !

Please also remember that the first objective will always remain the same : to end each month with a positive balance !

I always do my best to give satisfaction to all kind of tipsters among the members of my service. Then for high staking tipsters, it is important that the games are available on asian market.

In May, most of my bets were available on the main bookmakers of the internet i.e. Bet365, IBCBet, Sbobet, 188bet, … 12 games were available on the asian market (i.e. 86% of the game offered) so I am more than pleased with it.

Note that I will not provide the historic of the bets placed in May on the website since these information are critical for the service. And I do not want that other people than members have access to such information. Then I will deeply analyze the statistics of each month as I do trhough this article !

I hope that every member is happy about the service I offer. Don’t hesitate to drop a comment if you have any remark or question ;) You can also contact me at this address : fabien.betting@gmail.com.

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