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Posted by Fabien On April - 27 - 2014

Hi :)

After several years during which I offered you my help to beat the bookmakers, earn money from sports betting and advices to progress managing your bankroll and selecting the best matches, I have decided to set up a Paid service and to continue sharing my picks with you.

What you will earn from a paid service

The bets I offer will be sent to members by e-mail: then you will be able to get the picks instantaneously, whenever it is, wherever you are.
You can also contact me any time if you need advices to manage your bankroll for example.
More services will be developed over time to improve it.

Objective of the service

The first objective remains to end each month with a positive balance.
The second one is to win every bet that I offer you i.e. a strike rate of 100%. This means that I will offer you only bets on which I am 100% sure: I plan a significant margin between my expected score and the score the bookmaker expects.
After each bet that goes wrong I will do my best to understand the reason of the loss. This will help to improve the strike rate and get more confidence for the next bet.


If you want to be able to follow the tips I offer it is better to have an account on several bookmakers among the following: Bet365 ; William Hill ; 188bet ; IBCbet ; Sbobet, 10bet, among other bookmakers you can find through the internet. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you find other new bookies where my bets are available.

I place 95% of my bets on Asian bookmakers that allow much higher stake limits than with other bookmakers. But all the bets I offer you are not available on Asian market and it can happen that some matches are available on bet365 or William hill only. Then I am not able to place one single euro on it but despite this I offer you the possibility to earn money from this game.

Price of the service

In order to set up a price for the service, I took a look to other services available on the internet and check on which bookmakers I used to offer my picks. Each time I offer you picks since 2010, we get high profits with high strike rate and Yield. I have always received positive feedbacks from you so I am sure about the quality of the service I can offer you.
Plus, many members are used to win several hundred/thousand euros a month through the service since a long time and it would be the least of it to get a tiny part of it.
The price I have set up for the first month is: 50 euros.


The paid service will start the 1st of May 2014: Subscriptions open today.
Priority has been given to former members, so there are only a few places available for May.

If you are interested to subscriber, here is how it works:

1. You send me an email ( asking to subscribe for the service in May.

2. I confirm you by email your subscription for the month.

3. After having received a confirmation from me about your subscription, you send me 50 euros for the month via Neteller (

I hope we will continue the betting adventure together to take profit from bookmakers’ mistakes in the future :)

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