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Part 1: Record of my betting activity

Posted by Fabien On April - 9 - 2016

After several months without any new I have decided to take the website up again!

The website will be composed of 3 categories. This article gives more details about the first one.

Part 1: Record of my betting activity

I am betting for over 10 years. I have always loved betting on soccer games since it’s an incredible feeling for me to be able to watch soccer and enjoy a game while winning money on it at the same time. I also like the fact to beat the bookmakers and predict the outcome of an event on which thousands of people from all around the world watch and/or bet on it.

I have always treated betting winnings with caution since winning money from betting in the long run is a hard thing. You need to be very good at analyzing game (knowing which parameters count), at understanding how the market works (when it is the best time for you to place your bet) and most hard thing in my opinion at handling the psychological / mental aspect (to be able to handle loosing period, think straight during it, not taking away its betting strategy and money management).

Until now I always used this money in my daily life and it provided me with the possibility to travel a lot.

Problems is that I still fail managing certain periods during which I don’t respect my betting strategy and my money management which has led to lose a significant amount of money. These kinds of periods often come from a frustrating loss on a bet which leads to lose self-control. Classic error, every punter experienced that and that’s the reason number one why most of people are losing money from betting in the long run!

Thing is that I have learnt from experience what are my strengths and weaknesses and I am 100% sure that if I keep analyzing closely what I do wrong, I can with a significant amount of money from betting year after year.

I set up this blog in the idea to help me working on my weaknesses and showing that winning money from betting over the years (in a professional manner) is possible while having fun at the same time!

Starting Bankroll: 2 100 €uros

I will use as starting bankroll the last deposit I have made which is 2 100 euros (on February the 07th, 2016). Since that date my bank began to grow up to another level. I will talk about it in another post.

All the bets will be placed through the Broker « PremiumTradings » which brings me full satisfaction year after year.

I will provide weekly / monthly reports about the progression of my bankroll, what worked fine, what worked wrong and what I have to do to improve it in the future. Note that I will not share each bet I place (since it may affect the market I bet on).

I think this method of analysis its own betting is the best way for each tipster to progress over the time and I hope to demonstrate it all over the year.

I was inspired by Steve from which shares on his website his betting activity in the hope of making $250 a day or $100,000 a year (following models produced by and a portfolio of profitable tipsters).