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Overview of Fabien Betting service in 2013

Posted by Fabien On April - 13 - 2013

Hi all,

Since the start of the year, I have decided to start my service again.
I am a professional tipster since a few years now even if that is not my main activity. That is the reason why I set up a Free service because I can not guarantee that you will get the same results than me every month.

This year I have decided to send you picks mainly by using Facebook and Twitter because it is the best way for you to get instantaneous alerts each time I post a pick in live. Then you are able to get the picks by email or on your phone wherever you are.

The results are pretty good so far for a Free service and I use to get positive feedback from you:

  • One month out of 4 in red (March) with a small Loss but with a great start and end of month but I still considered that the bets on France Women were worth the price and we were really close to get a good profit ! But still a loss, and the final result is 6 loss in a row and a significant part of the bankroll that goes away.
  • The other months are all green with great results in January (+506) and at the beginning of April (+230 in less than two weeks).

  • Strike rate: 61%
  • Yield: 24 %
  • I am fully satisfied about these results since without these bets in March, I would get the same results I was used to in the past.
  • List of bets offered:

  • For the rest of the year, the aim is first to:
    • get positive balance each month
    • develop 1 or 2 ideas I have in mind for you :)

I hope you enjoy the service I offer and that it brings you fun and money !

Feel free to leave a comment to give your opinion !

If you just discovered the website, you can follow my picks via:

You can also contact me by email or via Skype : fabien.betting.