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Review of the service in 2014

Posted by Fabien On December - 31 - 2014

2014 has been the first time that the service ran during a complete year.

In 2009, it has been available for 7 months, in 2010 only 2 months, in 2011 9 months, 2012 and 2013 3 months and finally 2014: 12 months! Between 2009 and end of 2013, results have always been great: only 2 months with losses over 25 months and 3 050 U won!

This year I really wanted to offer bets during 12 months to be able to check the overall performance and compare to previous years.
For example, I was offering about 30 bets each month in 2009, while in 2014 I have offered 14 bets monthly. The reason I see for that is that I stopped to bet on very low market that Bet365 offers since they are used to limit players very quickly. In 2014, I focused on bigger market (at least in play) and I wanted that most of my bets were available on asian market (Sbobet, IBCbet, Pinnacle, …).

Considering that, I am more than happy with the results in 2014 during which we get 504 U of profit (stake: 10U per bet). Strike rate is an important figure for me since I want that when a member misses a bet he can be confident that the next one will be a win. With 69% I am satisfied even if my target was above 70%.

Yield of 29% and ROC of 252% are very good and I hope I could increase both figures in 2015. In fact, I get 10 over 12 months in profit. Best month has been July with 172 U of profit, strike rate 86% (25 wins over 29 bets) and yield 60%. May was also excellent with 96 U of profit, strike rate 73% (16 wins over 22 bets) and yield 43%.
February (-17U) and October (-29U) are the months with a negative balance. I am particularly disappointed by October during which I offered only a few games (9 bets) but with very good information. Unfortunately I lost 2 games and the other were pushed. I did not get more luck in November and December: profit was there but too low to be satisfied of it. First satisfaction is to end the month with a positive balance, but still, I get very good information on each game and I was expecting nice winnings from these games. But that is how betting works, even when you have the best information on a game, it does not turn always in your favor :)

In 2015, my first goal remains the same: to end each month with a positive balance :) I have no objective regarding a minimum profit to reach each month: this will depend on the offer only and I do not want to force myself to bet since this is the best way to lose!
I have decided to limit the access as member of the service to people who want to share information about betting with me: if you think you may have access to good information on a specific league, or on betting generally, do not hesitate to send me an email ( That is true that I have not answered any email since a few weeks/months but now I have more time to manage this ;)
Plus, when it will be possible during the year, I will share some free bets with you on my website or facebook/twitter.

Let me end this post by wishing you all the best for 2015 in your personal life and in your betting :)

Overview of the service in May 2014

Posted by Fabien On June - 16 - 2014

Hi all :)

This article is intended to present the statistics of my service in May.

May has been a great month during which we get significant profit !

We bet on 14 different games and we placed 22 bets.

Remember that I can offer several bets on the same game. I can offer two times the same bet or two bets on a team asian handicap but with different spreads.

And for each bet the stake is the same (fixed stake) and corresponds to the maximum confidence (i.e. 10/10). In fact, I do only offer bet on which I plan a good margin between the score I expect and the score the bookmaker expects.

All the bets are sent with the following information :

  • Schedule of the game,
  • Sport – Competition,
  • Game,
  • Bets members have to place (with minimum odds) and on which bookmaker.

I do my best to warn the members about the schedule of the game one day or several hours before it starts in order for them to be able to manage better the time they are available for betting.

Plus, with 16 wins on 22 bets we get a strike rate of 73%. This figure is important to me since it is important for members to be confident with the service offered and if they missed a game or were not able to register during one month, I want to guarantee that each time they follow me they will get profit.

As I explained you already, the stake on each bet I offer is 10 Units wich corresponds to a confidence of 10/10 (max confidence).

22 bets were placed and we staked 220 U and won 315,7 U. Then we reached in May a profit of +95,7 Units. The Yield is about 43%.

It means that if you bet 10 euros per Unit (i.e. 100 euros on each bet), you would have get a profit around 1 000 euros in May.

These figures are better than the other months in 2014 and it will be difficult to beat this record ! But after having analyzed the losses of May, I understood some mistakes that could have been avoided. So I am sure to be able to continue bringing important profit to you with sports betting in 2014 !

But I want to warn you a bit after reading this ! Because loosing runs can happen and you have to be able to handle it by having a good bankroll management. Don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any question about this !

Plus, you always have to remember that sports betting is not easy to handle and getting profit from it is always a difficult task !

Please also remember that the first objective will always remain the same : to end each month with a positive balance !

I always do my best to give satisfaction to all kind of tipsters among the members of my service. Then for high staking tipsters, it is important that the games are available on asian market.

In May, most of my bets were available on the main bookmakers of the internet i.e. Bet365, IBCBet, Sbobet, 188bet, … 12 games were available on the asian market (i.e. 86% of the game offered) so I am more than pleased with it.

Note that I will not provide the historic of the bets placed in May on the website since these information are critical for the service. And I do not want that other people than members have access to such information. Then I will deeply analyze the statistics of each month as I do trhough this article !

I hope that every member is happy about the service I offer. Don’t hesitate to drop a comment if you have any remark or question ;) You can also contact me at this address :

Join the service in May – Subscriptions are open

Posted by Fabien On April - 27 - 2014

Hi :)

After several years during which I offered you my help to beat the bookmakers, earn money from sports betting and advices to progress managing your bankroll and selecting the best matches, I have decided to set up a Paid service and to continue sharing my picks with you.

What you will earn from a paid service

The bets I offer will be sent to members by e-mail: then you will be able to get the picks instantaneously, whenever it is, wherever you are.
You can also contact me any time if you need advices to manage your bankroll for example.
More services will be developed over time to improve it.

Objective of the service

The first objective remains to end each month with a positive balance.
The second one is to win every bet that I offer you i.e. a strike rate of 100%. This means that I will offer you only bets on which I am 100% sure: I plan a significant margin between my expected score and the score the bookmaker expects.
After each bet that goes wrong I will do my best to understand the reason of the loss. This will help to improve the strike rate and get more confidence for the next bet.


If you want to be able to follow the tips I offer it is better to have an account on several bookmakers among the following: Bet365 ; William Hill ; 188bet ; IBCbet ; Sbobet, 10bet, among other bookmakers you can find through the internet. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you find other new bookies where my bets are available.

I place 95% of my bets on Asian bookmakers that allow much higher stake limits than with other bookmakers. But all the bets I offer you are not available on Asian market and it can happen that some matches are available on bet365 or William hill only. Then I am not able to place one single euro on it but despite this I offer you the possibility to earn money from this game.

Price of the service

In order to set up a price for the service, I took a look to other services available on the internet and check on which bookmakers I used to offer my picks. Each time I offer you picks since 2010, we get high profits with high strike rate and Yield. I have always received positive feedbacks from you so I am sure about the quality of the service I can offer you.
Plus, many members are used to win several hundred/thousand euros a month through the service since a long time and it would be the least of it to get a tiny part of it.
The price I have set up for the first month is: 50 euros.


The paid service will start the 1st of May 2014: Subscriptions open today.
Priority has been given to former members, so there are only a few places available for May.

If you are interested to subscriber, here is how it works:

1. You send me an email ( asking to subscribe for the service in May.

2. I confirm you by email your subscription for the month.

3. After having received a confirmation from me about your subscription, you send me 50 euros for the month via Neteller (

I hope we will continue the betting adventure together to take profit from bookmakers’ mistakes in the future :)

Overview of the Bets offered to members in 2014

Posted by Fabien On April - 9 - 2014


This post is intended to give you an overview of the bets I have sent to people who have subscribed for FREE since beginning of 2014. The bets have been sent by email !

Remember you can subscribe for FREE in April. Just send me your request at

The first bets I have offered were sent by email in the last day of January. The service started very well with a significant profit taken from a friendly game offered on many bookmakers. Profit in January : + 11 u

February have been a bad month. This come from a very poor start by 4 losses in a row on Brazil games.

For Atletico Mineiro game,  I didn’t plan enough margin between the score I expected and the line the bookie was offering for Atletico asian handicap. Then Atletico Mineiro played a very poor game, conceded a goal but scored two goals in 2nd half.. only one goal was missing to win or draw the bets I offered.

Same thing for Fortaleza game, even if I may have more regrets here since Fortaleza deserved to score more goals but they have been inefficient in front of the goals and conceded twice.. Here again, I didn’t plan enough margin on a game I offered two bets.. My mistake again..
The second disappointment was for the first game of St Patricks against Ballinamallard. They play in terrible conditions, the field was poor but despite that Pats scored the first goal and saw one goal disallowed for nothing.. they didn’t score a second goal even if they got many attempts against a poor team… That was bad luck this time .. That is why I used the information from this game to bet on the second game which was held some weeks later on which we get significant profit :) Profit in February : – 17 u

Beginning of March has been difficult with a poor bet on Brazil women which played without many first team players.. but then I have offered 6 winning bets in a row to finish the month with a significant profit :) Profit in March : + 32 u

Til today, April is looking very well and after such a start I hope I can find another couple of games to bet on ;) Profit in April : +38 u

As a conclusion, until now I think I made several mistakes by offering you bets without nice value (February) but I have learnt from this and we get significant amount of profit ever since (+ 70u).

You can find below an overview of all the bets I have sent to members in 2014 :

Here are more statistics (Strike Rate, Yield, …) :

Don’t hesitate to share your comments about this overview (even if it contains mistakes, I will correct it) ! I hope members enjoy the service I offer for Free every day. Don’t hesitate to become one by sending me a request at