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What the members think about Fabien Betting service !

Posted by Fabien On November - 26 - 2011

You wan to know what the members of my service do think about the service which is offered ?

Here are some e-mail I have received during the last few months. Some are quite funny ^^
Believe me or not there is no message telling that my service or some bets are fake.. The only thing is about the fact that you should have an account on 3 bookies (Bet365, WH and Bwin) to be able to place all the bets that I propose. And I am always trying to send you the bets as soon as I get the information!

Fabien Betting’s Mission for 2011

Posted by Fabien On March - 16 - 2011


16.03 – Arema – Jeonbuk Motors – 0-4 FT – +210 € (Fabien Betting’s followers) – +1405 € (personal)

19.03 – Stabaek (W) – Medkila (W) – 7-1 FT – +283 € (+493 €) (Fabien Betting’s followers) – +2436 € (+3841 €) (personal)

21.03 – Fjolnir/Bjorninn II U19 – IR Reykjavik II U19 – 4-1 FT – -64 € (+ 429 €) (Fabien Betting’s followers) – -140 € (+3701 €) (personal)

23.03 – Lyon (W) – Zvezda 2005 Perm (W) – 1-0 FT – -54 € (+375 €) (Fabien Betting’s followers) – +50 € (+3701 €) (personal)


Last months have been hard regarding betting. I’ve lost some money by betting each day on evey game I found interesting.. And when I lost I didn’t want to wait for a good game, I just wanted to get my money back quickly.. Ans what should happen, happened…

But anyway, I’m still here and still want to make big profit each month by betting even if I’m limited on Bet365.

This period of loss showed me one important thing: there are only a few bet each month that can be considered as a gift from the bookmaker. These last 3 months I’ve bet at least 20 bets per months… Of course I’m loosing money by betting this way, that’s obvisous and that is normal!

My goal since yet is to select one or two bets per month.. That’s all!

My first mission is to propose you each month a selection of bets that are 100% winning!

For each match I use to suggest about 4 bets also I’ll propose between 4 and 8 bets a month. And all must be winning!

My personal goal is first to bet only on the games I propose you through Fabien Betting’s website. Then I’ll use my method with my limited account on Bet365 so that I would reach 500€ benefit per match. Since I opened an account (non-limited youhou!!) on William Hill, my big hope is to reach between 1000 and 1500€ per month.

For the calculation above about Fabien Betting’s follower profit, I consider a fixed stake of 50 € per bet. If you take betting seriously, that’s what you should risk. This implies having a substantial bankroll around 1 000 €.